Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parisian Sling Bag on Sale

Today, I decided to walk around SM Southmall to change a wee bit of my working environment. All the clutter in my room and the things that I do for school are driving me nuts! I chose to go to SM since its the only mall nearest to my place. Surprisingly, ever since they started the renovation, it changed a lot! It has become pretty cozy and the brands have upgraded to classier ones. They already have Terra Nova, Peacock, Aldo, and lots of other amazing international clothing brands. :-) 

Anyway, I went there primarily to get a whole Worksheet Pad for my Accounting Class. After the short queue at National Bookstore, I decided to roam around the Department Store. I was there anyway so why not take a look around. ;-) 

As I passed by the bags area, there was a huge sign that said "50% Off." Frugal as I needed to be at the moment, I resisted the urge to walk towards it. To no avail, I stood there looking around at what they have to offer. To my surprise, there was a bag that just caught my eye and guess what, a classic gray  mini sling bag for only P399.00 ON 50% OFF. 

P200.00 for this gorgeous Mini Sling Bag with Synthetic Leather. I feel great about it. It was like I knew I had to get it or else I'll never get that kind of chance again. What I love about it the most is the base filled with pristine golden spikes. I personally think it added sass without sacrificing its classy feel. 

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  1. such a cute bag! (: