Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Affordable Nail Spa at Taft Avenue, Manila

I usually don't have classes during Wednesdays but yesterday, we were required to go to Father Salcedo's seminar for TREDFOR. Being the graduating college student that I am (most of my blockmates and friends have already graduated), I usually go around school alone. As I sat in the seminar room with nothing else but my thoughts and my phone to keep me busy, I realized how I wanted to pamper myself after a couple of months trying to pull Christine Angela from the ground up. These hands have been through so much that I can't remember the last time I went to the salon or spa to get them cleaned thoroughly as well as massaged and all that. 

I met a close friend (the other model in the first scarf collection photos) and asked her if she wanted to go for a mani-pedi treatment. She gladly agreed to it as if she had that in mind just as well! We went to the Burgundy Tower which is just across De La Salle University Manila and headed straight to Nail Files. 

Nail Files in Taft was a very soothing place to get your nails done. It is unlike the usual salons where the whole place is so bright that you can almost see the pores of the person standing next to you! As we entered, we were greeted with darkness and a mild flowery scent. We were seated on a solo comfy couch where we were served with colorful and fluffy pillows in preparation for the treatment. The only light was from the lamps focused on our hands and feet. Did I even mention that they play such calming music? It was such a great experience. 

I chose hot pink as the color. I forgot the brand name but it was under their "regular polish" basket. I loved how Ate Lisa did my nails. She gave me arm to hand and leg to foot massages with a scented oil. I'm definitely coming back for more!

Manicure-Pedicure Combo only at P200.00

Nail Files Flyer is over here!

NAIL FILES Burgundy Tower, Taft Avenue, Manila
Bookings at 09165754548

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