Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tin Roque for Christine Angela

Tin Roque wearing the Leopard Printed Bow Tie as a Belt

"I recently bought a really pretty leopard-print bowtie from Christine Angela and was really impressed with the quality! It's simple, versatile, and well-made. I styled it as a belt to spice up my rather mundane outfit. Christine, the seller, is honestly one of the sweetest and most amiable sellers I've dealt with. It's impossible not to love someone who is as lovely as her creations!" 

Tin Roque, a very gorgeous lady I met over at multiply just bought from me a Leopard Printed Bow Tie (one of the creations of which I am proud of). It was really intended to be a fancy bow tie but it just so happens to evolve from different kinds of style! First it was a bow tie and then it became a headband, then a turban, and now, a belt! How awesome is that? I love Tin for her style and her very statuesque ways. She never fails to surprise me (as well as with the other 20,000 ++ contacts that she has) with the photos that she take.

You can visit her at and her fabulous shop at

Thank you, Tin Roque. You're the sweetest. Love love. :)

Kimmie Dadula Denaya for Christine Angela

Kimmie Denaya carrying her very own CA package :)

"THANK YOU CA! : )))) the BONTiES WAS BEAUTiFUL ♥ - super ganda talaga. i like :D 

P.S. 'yung product, hindi ko sinali sa picture taking kasi it would be a surprise muna. i'll use it for my photo shoot and i'll tag you then, after my photo shoot for my birthday ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAiN : ))))

kimmie ;]"

It has been so overwhelming to have random text messages and calls from Christine Angela clients whenever they get their own package. Recently, I have not only been shipping within the bounds of Metro Manila. We have already sent some love over at Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Tacloban City and a lot more. 

As heart melting as it have been with all the texts and calls, I was surprised to get this whole album from Kimmie over at facebook. (Yes, there are lots of where this photo came from!:)) Not only that but she had this testimonial and thank you message as the album's description. Hearing them rave about their CA creation is one thing but getting to see them as their eyes sparkle - now, that's just too much to handle. 

Its these kinds of people who appreciates my work more than I can ever ask for are the reason behind why I work so hard to bring unique and lovely creations to the world. 

To Kimmie, Cheers! Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Gypsy Bangles

Supa Crazy About Gypsy Bangles!

Animal Printed Bangles

Crazy About Animal Printed Bangles! :)

What Makes Us

You know what keeps CA going? :) Its being able to make things into a reality. Its about knowing that our clothes are meant to be part of somebody's life. We take pride of how our clothes are made with love from day one as we carefully craft them from brilliant ideas to sketches - up until the details of our finished products. We only know its a job well done when our clothes finally find the customer it was destined to be for. ♥ 


New and Improved Multiply Shop

Hey lovies! Check out our new MULTIPLY ONLINE SHOP! :) After three months of selling online, we have been receiving more and more love every day. I was just thinking how it would be nicer to have a better user and eye friendly site that can make your shopping experience even more fun.

Now, our site does not only look fabulous but its so much cleaner! Gone are the days when the stuff seems to be in such a clutter, you can't even pay attention to what you really want!

What are you waiting for? Shop with us now at! Awesome and unique fashion finds sketched just for you! :)