Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gorgeous Head Bands

Inspired by the summer and the bright colors all around the streets of Manila, I have decided to create some accessories in addition to the soon to be launched Summer Solstice Clothing Collection. These summer bandies were sewn and made carefully to ensure the enjoyment of its future owner. The fabrics I used were a mix of different kinds of chiffon and silk. I think these fabrics are one of the most classy ones in terms of texture and flow.

These bandies can be pretty much anything! From a hippie headband to a stylish belt! It could also be a necklace or a bracelet. Its just a matter of knowing how to style it and of course carry it! I only made a few of these gorgeous bandies so I can ensure the Christine Angela girls out there that these are exclusively made. 

Without further Adieu, I present to you SUMMER SOLSTICE COLLECTION'S SUMMER BANDIES. 

Summer Splash

Feminine Whirl

Slow Seduction

Classic Floral


Leopard Scratch

Sunday, April 15, 2012



Sexier and Classier this time around, we are so ready to show the world what we got. From sassy accessories to summer inspired clothing, we are proud to say that each of the items in our upcoming collection were carefully made with love. These items are a product of our never ending passion to bring color to your wardrobe and into your life.

We will be launching our Summer Solstice Collection online on April 17, 2012 (Wednesday) 8PM. This even will be held on facebook. If you have not added us up, now is the time! Most of the designs for the clothes have only one stock to ensure their destined owners the exclusivity and uniqueness they deserve. 

See you guys there! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

DLSU's BNE 2011 Graduation Party

DLSU's Blaze and Excel 2011 Student Government Presents:
Curtain Call - Batch 108's Graduation Party Finale

Come party with us at Fiamma on March 24, 2012 from 7PM onwards!
Christine Angela will be having its fashion show at the craziest batch party of the year! 
See you guys there! 

Fashion Show at the Soleil Summer Bazaar

The Soleil Summer Bazaar by DLSU's Business Management Society held at SM Megamall's Megatrade 2 last February 25-26 was such a great success! Lots of people came and shopped their hearts out which made it such a great week end for Christine Angela. Aside from that, we got to showcase some of our clothes at the fashion show. There were only limited photos but I guess this should serve right considering that we have not officially released our Summer Collection just yet! :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Style YOUR Way to Summer :-)

The Annual Business Management Society Bazaar is finally here! :-) Coming from this prestigious organization, I have seen their success in organizing bazaars! Who would ever forget that hot set of fashion shows over at the first Soleil Bazaar held in the Rockwell Tent last 2009? Then again, who would dare not remember the grandest Seoularis Christmas Bazaar last 2010? These two past bazaars serve as proof on how "success" is something that these people take seriously. 

As De La Salle University Manila's Business Management Society brings you SOLEIL, I assure you that this will be the grandest summer bazaar this year! There will be over a hundred food and non food booths for you to enjoy. I can already feel how hot the bazaar is going to be with different sets of fashion shows and other surprises! Imagine getting to snag the cutest outfits of the season, eating the yummiest food in the metro, AND winning in the different surprises they have set out for you - this definitely sounds like such a great deal! 

Christine Angela has been waiting for this bazaar for so long that it would not dare miss being part of it! Yes, we will be there and we shall be releasing our summer collection in the bazaar! Calling all concessionaires, booths are running out fast! I suggest you take the chance to call them now and pick your booth cause they won't be there for long! They have Media Sponsors that will surely get your chance of being rich and famous soon! RX 93.1, StyleBible.PH, The Mall, Click the City, Boys Night Out, Summit Media, and Business Mirror will be there! 

For more details, please contact Jean Sy

For interested concessionaires,
please contact Monique Villanueva 09335328996
or Mary Anne Lu 09178266279

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tin Roque for Christine Angela

Tin Roque wearing the Leopard Printed Bow Tie as a Belt

"I recently bought a really pretty leopard-print bowtie from Christine Angela and was really impressed with the quality! It's simple, versatile, and well-made. I styled it as a belt to spice up my rather mundane outfit. Christine, the seller, is honestly one of the sweetest and most amiable sellers I've dealt with. It's impossible not to love someone who is as lovely as her creations!" 

Tin Roque, a very gorgeous lady I met over at multiply just bought from me a Leopard Printed Bow Tie (one of the creations of which I am proud of). It was really intended to be a fancy bow tie but it just so happens to evolve from different kinds of style! First it was a bow tie and then it became a headband, then a turban, and now, a belt! How awesome is that? I love Tin for her style and her very statuesque ways. She never fails to surprise me (as well as with the other 20,000 ++ contacts that she has) with the photos that she take.

You can visit her at http://prinscessa.multiply.com and her fabulous shop at http://poshandpretty.com

Thank you, Tin Roque. You're the sweetest. Love love. :)

Kimmie Dadula Denaya for Christine Angela

Kimmie Denaya carrying her very own CA package :)

"THANK YOU CA! : )))) the BONTiES WAS BEAUTiFUL ♥ - super ganda talaga. i like :D 

P.S. 'yung product, hindi ko sinali sa picture taking kasi it would be a surprise muna. i'll use it for my photo shoot and i'll tag you then, after my photo shoot for my birthday ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAiN : ))))

kimmie ;]"

It has been so overwhelming to have random text messages and calls from Christine Angela clients whenever they get their own package. Recently, I have not only been shipping within the bounds of Metro Manila. We have already sent some love over at Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Tacloban City and a lot more. 

As heart melting as it have been with all the texts and calls, I was surprised to get this whole album from Kimmie over at facebook. (Yes, there are lots of where this photo came from!:)) Not only that but she had this testimonial and thank you message as the album's description. Hearing them rave about their CA creation is one thing but getting to see them as their eyes sparkle - now, that's just too much to handle. 

Its these kinds of people who appreciates my work more than I can ever ask for are the reason behind why I work so hard to bring unique and lovely creations to the world. 

To Kimmie, Cheers! Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, January 16, 2012