Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011

As the clock showed 11:11PM on November 11, 2011, we witnessed hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of lanterns soaring through the night sky. Christine Angela participated in this epic event over at the Cuenca Park in Ayala Alabang Village to celebrate this grand day. The place was so crowded since there were a lot of tenants setting up their booths as well for the upcoming Saint James Christmas Bazaar (2011). 

As I watched the lanterns go up the sky and slowly disappear, I was bewildered by how they floated straight up above - all so bright and calm. I just suddenly realized that those lanterns could signify our dreams; our hearts' long calling to be something or to create something. There's a need for us to light up our heart's desires - a need for us to find that spark; and when we do, we patiently wait for that spark to grow into a flame. As the flame gets bigger, we hold on to our dreams and carefully hold it - not too tight, not too loose. After a while, we then feel how its ready to shoot out through the sky and be an amazing sight to the world. 

I wish for everyone's dreams materialized. For those frustrated about the purpose of their existence, for those who are lost and torn between what others want for them and what they want for themselves, for those who have been wanting to shoot out through the sky, and for everybody who have not ran after their dreams just yet. Here's to you. 

Cheers. :-)

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