Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When the World Sleeps, I Dream with Eyes Wide Open

We just had our online brand launching over at Facebook and it was pretty overwhelming how the fan page likes just grew enormously! Must have been the photos of the first collection; we made so much noise and that was good. Considering that the launch really did finish at around midnight (started at 10:30), I like to think the fashionistas out there are in a deep slumber as they need their beauty sleep for another day to be all glammed up and fabulous. 

I have faith in Christine Angela -- Christine Angela, in its deepest core, believes that every one deserves to be clothed with nothing but the finest and prettiest fabrics and styles. Fashion is not only about mixing colors and accessories or even who's wearing the most expensive clothing brands. Its about making noise - creating a difference in the world as one creates an artwork of him/herself as an overt expression of individuality and taste. 

As Christine Angela takes its baby steps to greatness, it shall adhere to its vision of touching every individual's heart with its styles and fashion ideas. A never-ending desire to create something great out of nothing - or even out of the craziest of ideas and inspirations.

To all those who supported the very foundation of this brand, to all those who continue to cater to the crazyness of Christine Angela's existence, my deepest gratitude to all of you. To the skeptics, open your eyes and give it a chance - I hope that someday you'll see the beauty in each item that we produce. 

Good Night. 

Christine Angela

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