Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Very First DigiEntrepreneur Webinar Session

We just attended our very first Webinar at DigiEntrepreneur! :-) Well, if you did not hear about the big news, CHRISTINE ANGELA won in their Multiply contest for a free slot in the 3 Month Class! The class consists of:

(1) Module 1: Blog Launch, Copywriting, and Social Media Promotions
(2) Module 2: Professional Blogging, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising as a Business
(3) Module 3: Making Money from Blogging and Social Media as a Service Provider

These classes are mostly online which makes it pretty comfortable and convenient! Not only that, but they have different projects for us to work on so we can test our skills on taking the internet based entrepreneur marketing skills! I hope good things come out of this. :> I wish all the best for Christine Angela.

If you guys are interested in this kind of class, you can go to their website at: www.digientrepreneur.com. Wouldn't it be fun if we be classmates? :-)

See you guys there!


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